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Radio Jaras acquired by Lip Loose Limited, based in London, United Kingdom, is an entertainment radio station that is on air, since 2020, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around. With a worldwide audience, we reach out to Asian communities in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia as well as in South East Asia.
Radio Jaras has a huge variety of programs telecasts wonderful Urdu and Hindi songs from the 1950s to the latest hits, most popular RJ’s bringing daily programs with proactive, innovative, informative, relevant, and uplifting music-based content, moreover famous for their Urdu poetry collection.

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In the mosaic of life, where music and melody often serve as a refuge, there are moments that compel us to pause, reflect, and stand in profound solidarity. Recent heart-wrenching events in Ghaza are one such moment.

At Radio Jaras, every note we play, every song we air, resonates deeply with our ethos and sentiments. Witnessing the agony of our brothers, sisters, and most tragically, the innocent children in Ghaza, has shaken our very core. The heartrending sight of relentless bombings, targeting women, children, and the blameless citizens of Ghaza by Israel, demands more than just passive empathy.

suspended all regular entertainment broadcasts

Thus, in an act of heartfelt solidarity, we’ve suspended all regular entertainment broadcasts. Instead, our airwaves will be filled with the soul-stirring sounds of Hamad, Naat, and profound Sufi music. It’s a humble ode, a soft lament, a prayer for peace. We ardently hope for the day when tranquillity reigns, when the innocent laughter of children reverberates freely in Ghaza, and the world at large. Only then shall our regular musical rhythms return.

About Us

Established in 2020 and nestled within the bustling heart of London, Radio Jaras, under the stewardship of Lip Loose Limited, isn’t just an entertainment radio; it’s a symphony of diverse voices, a tapestry of cultures, and a bridge connecting hearts worldwide. Our resonating frequencies touch Asian communities spanning North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the vibrant corners of South East Asia.

Our musical voyage is a beautiful blend of time and emotion. Whether it’s the nostalgia-evoking Urdu and Hindi melodies from the golden 1950s or today’s foot-tapping hits, we ensure every listener finds a piece of their soul in our songs. But it’s not just the music; our RJs, with their unparalleled zeal, weave daily programs that are proactive, innovative, and brimming with passion. And for those poetic souls, our cherished collection of Urdu poetry offers a sanctuary of depth, reflection, and beauty.

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